This blog is a place for me to dump my thoughts on whatever is on my mind.


I was born in Bangladesh and immigrated with my family to Queens, New York when I was 6 years old. Raised in Flushing, I am a very proud product of New York City public education.

I believe in the immigrant hustle, as well as the plight surrounding it. My ultimate goal is to help those working towards their own American dream however I can.


I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2008, and New York Law School‘s Evening Division with a Juris Doctor in February 2017. I am a licensed attorney admitted to the Washington DC Bar Association as of December 2017.


I am currently Managing Attorney for the Law Office of K.S. Kader, PLLC – a solo practice based in Washington DC dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs with startup corporate law and intellectual property law.

I’ve been in sales for early stage companies for over 10 years. I’ve set up processes, developed sales stacks, grown teams, and, of course, sold lots and lots of product.

Previously, I was the Senior Account Executive at Aptible.  My responsibilities included sales, operations, and growth strategy. In just over 3 years, I helped Aptible grow annual revenue over 25x acting as the entire sales departmentI’ve worked in in sales & business development for Stack Overflow, LocalVox, and MediaMorphosis.

During my first year of law school, I built Lawlternate, a job board presenting alternative career opportunities for attorneys. I shut down the job board portion of Lawlternate in March 2018.